Moriah Sherman

Trading Operations Engineer

About Me

I am currently a Trading Operations Engineer at Quadrature Capital. My previous work experience includes working as an Application Operations Engineer at Marin Software, a Production Support Team Lead at CME Group, and as an Unexploded Ordnance Consultant at 6 Alpha Associates.I am based in East London and hold dual UK and USA nationality.

Technical Skills

I am experienced with Python debugging and scripting, basic PHP and HTML websites with Apache, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases and SQL query scripting in pgcli and psql, Git version control and the GitHub and BitBucket GUIs, Linux/Centos as well as Windows 10 GUIs, BASH commands and scripting in Linux terminal, VIM code editor, SFTP/SSH protocols, Slack conferencing and chat, JIRA ticket management, and Confluence documentation.

Work Experience

Quadrature Capital

Trading Operations Engineer (QuadOps)

October 2021 - Current

Marin Software

Application Operations Engineer

January 2020 - Ocotber 2021

• Writing scripts (BASH, Python, SQL, etc.) to extract and manipulate large data sets from MySQL across over 200 databases.

• Resolving on critical production application issues. Communicating statuses, performing root cause analysis, developing and automating workarounds, and repairing data.

• Developing tools and processes to speed up and improve the quality of issue resolution and increasing the reliability of Marin’s application suite and Application Operations Engineering tools.

• Creating and maintaining documentation of Marin's processes and procedures for both the Application Operations Engineering Team and the wider Marin organisation.

• Working to maintain effective relationships with both engineering and customer support teams to better rapidly resolve client issues.

CME Group (ENSO Financial)

Production Support Team Lead

June 2016 - December 2019

• Providing resolutions to production issues and coordinating with both users and development team in the prioritization of critical deliverables and support tickets.

• Identifying the root cause of repeatedly occurring issues, and scripting automation of the same for better productivity.

• Documenting knowledge within an international team, including best practice and task instructions using JIRA and Confluence.

• Debugging and fixing the day to day production related issues by submitting pull requests to the main code repository and data manipulation via SQL in both production and UAT databases.

• Managing the support ticket resolution system to ensure all tickets are properly delegated and in the correct workflows.

• Creating and Chairing the Change Advisory Board (CAB) for all production changes, including High Risk releases.

• Creating and managing SFTP connections and file transmission.

Junior Software Engineer (contract)


April 2016 - May 2016

• Adding new Python features to the Reincubate iCloud API.

• Creating and updating Django based web pages for

• Working with Python, HTML, and CSS on a daily basis.

• Utilizing Git, including branching and pull requests.

• Completing and deploying code under an Agile management system.

Unexploded Ordnance Consultant

6 Alpha Associates

February 2013 - April 2016

• Producing and coordinating UXO risk assessments and offshore UXO safety sign off certification.

• Leading operations for offshore GIS support and products, including quality control procedures for offshore products.

• Writing and implementing standard operating procedures and guides for offshore UXO safety certification and production.

• Managing and maintaining the marine geospatial data archive.


M.A. - Maritime Archaeology - Syddansk Universitet

September 2011 - February 2014

Master of Arts Program based in Esbjerg, Denmark. A two year program which included a Master’s Thesis. The masters focused on the study of ancient marine transport and vessel construction. The course also included modules on GIS and IT skills in relation to archaeology. My thesis was written while working full time as an UXO consultant, focusing on the maritime archaeology of modern marine conflict sites.

B.A. - History and Human Sciences - University of Dallas

September 2007 - May 2011

Bachelor of Arts Program based in Irving, Texas. A four year program which included a Bachelor's Thesis. The bachelor's focused on ancient history, with a speciality in classical history and human sciences. The course also included modules on pre-historical societal formation and group dynamics.

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